There are more than enough skinny blonde Barbie dolls lining the shelves of toy stores worldwide – but what about the girls who want dolls that look more like them?

That is where Kay Black comes in.

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Black is a jewelry designer and hair stylist who also makes custom-made dolls with special physical features. More recently, she is being hailed for creating dolls with vitiligo: a condition that causes darker skin pigments to turn white.

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All of Black’s creations are made out of older dolls that she finds at secondhand stores. Depending on the details of her designs, each doll can take up to several weeks to finish.

Her vitiligo toys became so popular, Black started expanding her creations to include male dolls and dolls with albinism. As a result, dozens of fans have expressed their appreciation for the stylist’s efforts to encourage diversity and representation.

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If you would like to request a custom-made doll or look at Black’s past creations, you can check out the artist’s Instagram or website.

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