drawing-david-hummer.jpg Artist David Anthony Hummer’s paintings are collected worldwide but his real passion is blossoming back in his hometown of Wausau, Wisconsin among the county’s 1000 homeless people.

Hummer began painting the faces of weathered homeless men and women after a Manhattan business trip with a fellow gallery owner. He had just exited a gallery in which people regularly purchase works of art priced in the millions. He noticed a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk with a sign on his lap asking for help. This extreme contrast of poverty and wealth hit him with a shock. (Portrait, right, Cassandras Peace by David Hummer)

His work has evolved from wistful and light brushstrokes capturing children in red wagons into realistic portraits of homeless people, ever hoping to create an awareness of this growing problem. He abandoned his gallery business and spent the next 15 years producing these portraits and working with homeless shelters.

After returning to the city of his roots, Hummer is now helping local homeless vets through the Randlin Homes program. He has recently donated 7 large homeless portraits from his collection to sell as a benefit to Randlin Homes, which is helping to get homeless vets back on their feet.

“For me, as an artist, these compositions keep me alive and interested and fresh,” said Hummer. “The new work evolves (when I ask) myself what I can say about this person, composing and orchestrating new images that allow me to make my connection to the subject, which in turn will allow the viewer to make connections.”

Watch the local news report below, and view more of his gorgeous work online at

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