drawing in the ARTS program-TODAYvidWhether a teen is struggling with grief after a family death, or a life-changing diagnosis or homelessness, the ARTS program gives them a world of their own to adjust and grow through trouble. ARTS stands for A Reason To Survive, and those reasons include dance, music, painting, poetry, knitting, sculpting or anything creative.

It was started by a man, Matt D’Arrigo, whose mother and sister were both diagnosed with cancer when he was a young man. Painting in his room brought positive transformation and he later found his calling — helping others to get the same sort of therapy when they need it most.

By providing direct service free of charge to youth across San Diego county, including arts education, and college & career preparation, the ARTS program has transformed more than 2500 young people in California.

(WATCH the video below from TODAY)

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