After his wife died a 96-year-old man decided to write. “He sent the finished manuscript to the London office of Random House. There the book sat for about a year until it came across the desk of editor Kate Elton, who described it as ‘unputdownable.’ ” (REBECCA SANTANA, AP)


  1. An inspiring story for me. About how we can start to live a decent full life even after 25 or above. And how much the social (and economic) situation has improved here in England. And how well marriage can work if we get it right. I’ll keep drinking my green team dark chocolate and smoothies.

  2. This is truly inspiring. Now, I feel a lot better about my books that are only slowly progressing. I’m past 60, and I’ve been worried about age and the first book. Time to get moving as I may not see 96.

  3. TN,

    The first thing you need to do is GIVE up the WORRYING!! Indeed, that is what will age you and attract into your life that which you don’t want.

    I’d throw out the thought of age as soon as it arrives and replace it with a big breath of air into your lungs, and the yummy notion that with this breath I breathe in life, passion, creativity and clear thinking.

    My friend, Harv is at least 85 and he is just peaking now!! He and his minister wife are teaching the evolution of the bible and consciousness using Spiral Dynamics! He does all the graphics and some speaking and organizing, and much of the formulating of thought, and it is entirely a new vocation for him (at 80). Check it out at

    Age is exclusively what you make it — not what you are destined to die from… (excited to breathe in your next page for your book??)


  4. TN. “Now, I feel a lot better about my books that are only slowly progressing.” I am glad you feel much better. You can get it done before you die. It’s a valid point you make, if it is slowly progressing. So best to ask yourself, “What’s the best I can do within my means to speed it up?” It may be finding the best book you can about writing on the net. It may involve improving energy by doing something to help your health. Take the best actions – and then review from there.

    Age is indeed what you make it. So don’t give up as Geri said 😀 There are plenty of things to do when we are older.

  5. This is one of the most uplifting stories because it reminds us all we’re never too late, too old, too anything to achieve what we set out minds to do. All we need to do is take the first step and continue.

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