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Top 5 Educational Apps

Struggling with your learning schedule is quite a common thing. A really good education ought to be challenging, and as a result, you have to try hard. But does learning really have to be stressful? If you increase your productivity, you will be able to achieve your goals while maintaining a healthy life balance. Here are 5 best educational apps that were collected for you by a team of professional writers from both ProHighGrades and EditProofRead that can help with that. ________________________________________________________________________ Check them out and choose what proves to be the best for you. ________________________________________________________________________ Brainscape ________________________________________________________________________ Platforms: iOS, Android ________________________________________________________________________ Price: $10 per month with a free tier available ________________________________________________________________________ Download: ________________________________________________________________________ It is often a nightmare to organize all your notes and other materials on a subject when the exam is close. But there is a more efficient way to learn anything: flashcards. They are time- and space-saving: small, handy, and easy to take them with you anywhere and just check them quickly at a spare moment. Brainscape takes this even further by providing you with flashcards on your mobile device. Just install it on your phone and start creating your own cards, with diagrams and charts. They can be shared with others, and you can browse the app for some ready-made ones too. You can start using it for free. Premium subscription brings some extra features (e.g., bookmarking) and removes ads. Should be quite convenient during those long hours of commuting or sitting in a queue. ________________________________________________________________________ CamScanner ________________________________________________________________________ Platforms: iOS, Android ________________________________________________________________________ Price: $4.99 per month with a free tier available ________________________________________________________________________ Download: ________________________________________________________________________ During studies, it is often necessary for a student to take a quick photo of an important document: a book, announcement, or some other printed material. But with this app installed on your phone, you can convert the photo to a PDF file, then send it to a printer, or upload it to the cloud (it integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive). Besides, CamScanner Pro can recognize the text with its Optical Character Recognition technology, allows you to extract it from your scans to text files and to edit your PDFs. Free limited usage is also available. Would you rather store everything in image format or sit at home, running everything through a text recognition software on your PC? Time to get rid of that! ________________________________________________________________________ Photomath ________________________________________________________________________ Platforms: iOS, Android ________________________________________________________________________ Price: free ________________________________________________________________________ Download: ________________________________________________________________________ Imagine having an assistant always at your side who can solve various kinds of math problems for you after examining them on pictures. Well, that is what this app actually does. After scanning a photo with a math equation, it understands the problem and delivers a step by step solution for you. Text input is supported as well. Moreover, this app understands graphs, so you can use them to interpret the algebra problems or just explore the main elements of your graph in detail. ________________________________________________________________________ Ready4 SAT ________________________________________________________________________ Platforms: iOS, Android ________________________________________________________________________ Price: free ________________________________________________________________________ Download: ________________________________________________________________________ Getting prepared for tests sounds much better when you do it in a more relaxed and fun way. This app can help you with that, so you can assess your knowledge anytime and anywhere, with just your phone instead of numerous printed materials and separate files. Just select an academic field and receive quick questions and hints from it in quite an informal manner. You can start using it for free, but there is much more content available under a premium plan. ________________________________________________________________________ Wolfram Alpha ________________________________________________________________________ Platforms: iOS, Android, Kindle + web version ________________________________________________________________________ Price: USD 2.99 ________________________________________________________________________ Download: ________________________________________________________________________ As if it were your personal secretary, this app can answer most of your study- or work-related questions thanks to its huge knowledge base. Such help is priceless when you urgently need to check basic facts while writing an essay or just wish to perform some calculations before submitting an application form. After installing it on your device, you get access to numerous specialized sections, such as Chemistry, Investment, or Cat Breeds. Just choose the one you need and clarify what’s necessary. Additional features such as investment and mortgage calculators or secure password generator might also be helpful for you. There are many more educational related apps out there in the market, from motivational game-like ones to full-scale academic knowledge bases with advanced teaching techniques. ________________________________________________________________________ Probably some of these might be perfect just for you, so why not explore all available ones while you still have time before your next exam? 

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