balanced-stone.jpgHow complex and stressful the modern day lifestyle can be. With so much to “Do” there is hardly time to just “Be”. There is a balance that we try to achieve within our life of action and non-action: How much to push, how much to let go… Do I make more money, or spend less? When is enough, enough? Personally, through simplifying my life I have found more time to “Be” in a place of peace and balance.

The choice I made to prioritize simplicity in my life has led to letting go of many material things, including a fixed dwelling for a residence. I moved into a mobile home in the form of an RV, so I can move freely with the seasons. As a photographer this created many opportunities to spend extended periods of time in the natural world. With 100% solar generated electricity to power my computer work station, recharge camera batteries, etc. I am able to create my art in a multi-media way while traveling.

During this quest for peace and creativity, I discovered the art of ‘balanced stone sculptures’.

With no adhesive other than gravity, I balanced the stones upon one another to create sculptures and  record them with my camera.

balancing-stones.jpg Calling it the “perpetual moment of eternal transition”, I have sensed the delicate and transitory nature of balance. Life is not static, but more of a dynamic dance between our core natures and the expansiveness of our being, where there is no resistance to opposing forces, but instead an actual supportive opportunity.

Just like life does, the sculptures offer their own messages to me, and form themselves into their own “identities.”

In order to share the message of one’s opportunity for balance in a chaotic world, I produced a “Sacred Balance Trilogy” DVD, which features the balanced stone sculptures. The DVD is a compilation of my nature photography along with slow transitions and inspirational, instrumental music. The audio-visual meditations are being used in health care facilities, such as hospice centers and assisted living centers as an antidote to the unsettling blare from the television, and the unsettling stress from medical and bereavement situations.

The audio-visual meditations are also useful to those who find themselves living in an urban environment, temporarily disconnected from Nature. It can help the viewer to find a calming place of inner balance by being still in the presence of nature. Watching the videos has several effects on the viewer that I feel are useful to relieve stress, promote appreciation of the present moment and to remind people of the beauty inherent in Nature.

One definition of stress being defined as “the body’s resistance to change” makes it such that no matter what ailment we may have, from a common cold to an invasive cancer, or even just the drive across town, the body needs relief to regulate this tension which in medical terminology is homeostasis, or commonly felt as balance.

tim-middleton-outside.jpg I believe we individuals have the opportunity and responsibility, to intentionally choose living a life which brings us more balance, fluidity and peace. This promotes a healthy environment for our Mind, Body and Spirit to be healed and extends outward from our center to positively influence the collective consciousness of humanity.

Watch the video below and experience the relaxation which occurs and the melting away of stress and tension.

From the traditional roots of printing photos at night in the bathroom darkroom, to the modern world where computers and printers have opened a whole new world of creativity, the natural world has always been a focal point of Tim’s images. See his gallery and get a taste of more audio-visual meditations on Tim’s website,


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