Letter to Heaven screenshot KFOR

On her first Father’s Day without her dad, 13-year-old Saige Seibold and her mother Sandy decided to “send a message to Heaven.”

They were stunned by the sudden reply.

Sandy Saige Seibold screenshot KFORJohn Seibold had passed away just a month earlier, and his wife and daughter (pictured left) visited his grave to release a balloon carrying their message.

The note asked whoever found it to contact Saige and “make her day.”

After returning home to Cement, Oklahoma, 25 miles away from the cemetery, Saige took a walk in the pasture where she used to spend time with her dad. There, caught on a barbed-wire fence, was the balloon and her note.

“I think I started crying,” Sandy told KFOR News. “It felt like a message from him.”

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