bamboosheets"Bamboo is the hottest new ingredient in everything from flooring to furniture and dishware."

Even fashion! … Designers are now using the quick-growing plant’s fibers in their fabrics. In fact, "luxurious new fabrics made from the fibers of bamboo, soy, corn, seaweed and even pineapple, are all coming on the market."

Why? Because they are easily renewable and grown without using pesticides. Best of all they’re soft…


Retailers like Zellers now carry a new line of cushy bamboo/cotton combination towels. But even fabric made with 100 percent bamboo fibers boasts a silky smooth finish, like the bedding for sale at Roots Home and Bed, Bath & Beyond, which people describe as the most comfortable they’ve ever slept with. Not only is the fabric smooth, it features unusual coolness and natural antibacterial qualities.

Get the details in this great report by Cecily Ross in the Toronto Globe and Mail.

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