KeepAaronCutting photo89 year-old Aaron Biber’s barbershop has been a mainstay in his Tottenham neighborhood for 41 years, but it took one night of rioting to nearly destroy it.

But some kindhearted strangers launched a fundraiser online to help restore the shop to its former condition.

A group of interns from a London advertising agency who read about Biber’s story, decided to set up a website to collect donations.

Thanks to social media and generous hearts, $57,000 (£37,000) was raised.

Mr. Biber was at a loss for words but wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of his heart. With any funds left over he would like to help other victims of the riots in the Tottenham area.

The interns, Björn, Sophie and Omid, will be recording the progress of repairs on the shop at their blog, Keep Aaron Cutting.

“This project has proved that social media can be a powerful force for good,” the trio concluded when closed the donation link. “It’s been the most heartening experience to be involved with all of you.”

(Source: BBC)

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