"Four Royal Marines flew into a battle zone clinging to the outside of helicopter gunships in a bid to rescue a fallen comrade. Unwilling to leave behind one of their own following a retreat, the commandos strapped themselves to the small stabiliser wings of two Apache helicopters and returned into the midst of a fierce gunfight with the Taliban in southern Afghanistan." (story and photos Daily Telegraph)


  1. Heroism and Patriotism
    Indeed, these soldiers are heros, because they were sent to battle without much of a choice, and in the midst of painful and extreme horror, they went to save a comrade.

    What the heck were they doing there anyways? Yup! Patriosm it is. Mr. President Bush clearly has to review his plans and step over his own ego to stop the massacre of men and women and children.

    I cry in pain for those soldiers sent to war simply because a man such as Bush insists to win at all costs.

  2. Betrayed, but true to the end
    Indeed. These people signed on to protect America at all costs, and ended up being used by a traitor to wreak mayhem on the innocent to secure profits for an industry that has anything but America’s best interests at heart. But they never wavered, and stuck together to the end – and beyond.

    No more wasting of true hearts and pouring of sincere Americans’ blood on the altar of Mammon. It’s time to stop letting industry shills trample the Constitution and start rebuilding the pride that we’ve squandered to a perilous all-time low.

  3. But I misread the article!
    I’m so used to hearing these sad tales being told of Americans, I completely overlooked the tragedy of other nations’ being dragged into our bloodthirsty follly. What an epidemic! It’s apparently even eating away at my brain…

  4. ROYAL Marines are British
    What a coincidence that yesterday I watched for the FIRST time, A FEW GOOD MEN…

    What a FABULOUS and inspiring movie.

    In the end the Marines learn that following orders is not as important as fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves…

    My husband told me why the Marines are under the Dept. of Navy. Because the Navy, expecially in Britain because they are an island, needed a fighting force that would move onto the land, those became the Marines and, in the case of our heroic rescue story, the ROYAL Marines.

    I don’t want to talk about Bush when thinking about the men and women who are doing their best (most of them, anyway).

    See the movie if you never have… a plethora of stars, Cruise, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon, Nicholson, and Kiefer (as the evil platoon sargeant)

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