marriage photo by Millzero Photography-CC-Foter35-year-old Jen Bulik received some bad news about lung cancer and wanted to get married before time ran out. As often is the case, out of bad news comes extraordinary stories of kindness. This one was delivered by a wedding planner moved to donate a $50,000 wedding to the beautiful couple whom she only heard about through a Facebook post.

“It was my goal for them not to pay a dime,” said Erica Ota, who was impressed by Jen’s positive writings on her blog. “I thought to myself these people have already suffered enough, why not be able to give them a gift? A wonderful gift that they, and their families will never be able to forget.”

It all comes together – with only two weeks of planning — this Saturday in San Francisco.

(WATCH the video or READ Garvin Thomas’s story at NBC)

Photo by Millzero Photography-CC-Foter / Thanks to Jim Kelly for sending the link!

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