Volunteers with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation planted hundreds of thousands of baby oysters into a specially prepared habitat made of recycled chunks of concrete last week. Thanks to the foundation, it was a record oyster planting season that added 9 million of the mollusks, compared to 4 million last year. The concrete was recycled from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (right). (Baltimore Examiner)


  1. Yir welcome!
    I love this story because it uses waste products for good. That’s one of my faves in good news…

    I live in the watershed of the Ches. Bay and have sailed its magnificent waters — as well as eaten her oysters and crabs. Thank god right now, for Democratic victory in the Virginia governor’s race last year. Tim Kaine will step up and help protect the bay.

    Ditto for the new Democratic Governor of Maryland. Save the Bay should not be just a slogan… Yipee!

  2. More Needs to be done
    It’s interesting to visit St. Michael and tour the Chesapeake museum there.

    What was once believed to be limitless was brought to its knees. But, there are signs of some small imnprovements.

    Easy with the political rhetoric Geri; the father of the National Park system was a Republican. For me, I am more of a Libertarian. In my eyes, both parties are equally to blame for their lack of enforcement. The laws are on the books (Clean Water Act), but they are in large part unenforced by either party.



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