best-buy-recycling.jpgBest Buy Co. has launched a new electronics recycling program in 117 U.S. stores to help consumers keep their old outdated TV’s, VCR’s, computers and other electronics out of overflowing landfills.

117 stores in Baltimore, San Francisco, and Minnesota began inviting customers to bring in no more than two (2) items per day, per household, for recycling at no charge. Customers can bring items such as televisions and monitors up to 32″, computers, phones, cameras, and other electronics devices and peripherals.

They are not accepting televisions or monitor screens greater than 32″, console televisions, air conditioners, microwaves or large appliances.

As You Sow, an investor corporate accountability group that engaged with Best Buy on its electronics recycling programs, praised the company’s action. “Making electronics recycling almost as easy as

purchasing these goods has the potential to simplify recycling for millions of consumers who may be confused about where to return end-of-life goods in their area,” said Conrad MacKerron, director of corporate social responsibility, As You Sow.

Best Buy will work with its stores, recycling partners, and manufacturers to evaluate the success of the test and determine options for scaling it across the U.S.

Meanwhile, Best Buy continues to offer these electronics and appliance recycling options, available in every U.S. store:

  • Recycling kiosks: at the front of every store, ink cartridges, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, CDs, DVDs, and PDA/smart phones can be dropped off for free recycling
  • Appliance and television haul-away: Best Buy will remove an old or obsolete appliance or television free of charge from a consumers’ home when a new product is purchased and delivered by Best Buy Home Delivery or Geek Squad Home Theater Installation Service
  • Appliance and television pick-up: For $100, Best Buy will arrange a home visit to remove up to two (2) appliance units and/or televisions for recycling, with $20 for each additional unit
  • Tech Trade-In: Visit to trade in select gently used electronics for a Best Buy gift card.


  1. This is so good to see. From some of the initiatives happening and people changing their habits, who knows, maybe we can get this global warming thing and the polllution issue changed around. And everytime one more initiative happens, its setting a good example of environmental responsibility and providing hope in addition to cleaning up the mess. The environment goodnews is one of my favourite things to start out my day with.

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