Jean Dennis is a nurse near Ithaca, New York, who helps care for Brent Larsen during his trials with Muscular Dystrophy and life on a ventilator.

She knew Brent had been a Billy Joel fan since he was in junior high. “Brent’s life everyday is such a challenge” that she wanted to do something nice for him so she decided to try and make his wish come true when the “Piano Man” would come to town.

Joel was to play on March 25 in Syracuse. It took a bunch of phone calls with Joel’s “people” but she pulled it off, creating a Saturday night to remember for Brent, his parents — and, of course, his nurse! Check out the whole story here, and the great photo of Brent and his new friend.

Brent’s mom was told her son could be expected to live to 18 or 20 years old.

He is now about to turn 29, and was dancing in his wheelchair on the deck a couple days ago, his mom said, rocking out in the sunshine to –who else?– Billy Joel.

(link submitted by R. Ventura-Rosa)

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