This German college student has created a completely biodegradable packaging material made entirely out of seagrass, which simply washes up in heaps on the beach.

The seagrass is mixed with a binding substance contained inside the leaves before being pressed into a mold. The material is then baked until dry.

The chemical properties of the seagrass also provide added benefits – helping to keep the food bacteria free. Since the material is also completely renewable, Felix believes it could replace plastic packaging of foods in the future.

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The design is the brainchild of Felix Pöttinger, a student at the Royal College of Art in London.

“It’s a natural waste material, and past research showed that it is highly resistant against mold,” Felix told Dezeen. “I’m only using the dead seagrass fibres that appear on the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, so there is no industrial harvesting process to harm the population of the seagrass or any living being.”

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