Bird Sira BarbetScientists monitoring avian influenza in water birds report that “millions of water birds have already migrated from Asia to West Asia and Africa, but the flu didn’t travel with them.”


Europeans have been pleasantly surprised to learn that no avian flu virus has been detected in flocks of migratory birds that flew south to Africa last fall and then back over Europe this spring, international health officials say. . . This is a major turnaround that defies the dire predictions from many health officials of an impending pandemic.

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  1. Defying Science
    In November 2005; my Lama, Thubten Zopa Rinpoche asked use to recite extensive prayers for the Bird Flu. Lama Zopa has over 60,000 students associated with 140 international centers ( who were asked to recite these prayers to overcome the obstacles presented by the threat of the Asian Bird Flu.

    It makes me happy to think that perhaps our efforts and prayers were a small part of this good news. Thank you so much for posting this article.

    For a list of the prayers visit:

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