His chosen vocation ridiculed by peers and elders alike, a South African teenager remains unwavering in his ambition to become a world-class ballet dancer. One of a small pool of black, male practitioners of an art considered by many to be the domain of whites and the rich, he is doing what he can to popularise ballet in his community.


  1. Hi Geri, you continue to find the best in this world. Your Billy Elliot comparison is right on. The final scene in Billy Elliot where he performs Swan Lake for his father is one of the most moving scenes ever put on the screen. I hope this man continues on his course and it sounds like nothing will stop him. Well, we heard about him first right here as usual, keep up the good work. And if anyone would like to receive my list of over 70 uplifting movies, just email me at [email protected]. Thanks, Ed Smith http://www.brightmoment.com

  2. ED!!

    I totally agree that Billy Elliot is one of he most inspiring movies of all time. Absolutely moving plus, some of the coolest music in any film by T Rex — like power rock meeting R&B. Remember where he is so mad he stomps through the streets and stairways to the rythms of “Town Called Malice”?

    Also, I highly recommend Ed’s inspiring daily motivations (link above)…

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