Columnist Bobblehead Dad and his familyOn Father’s Day today, we feature Jim Higley who was named the World’s Greatest Dad. Readers across the world follow this funny and wise single father of three and cancer survivor in his weekly parenting column in the Chicago Tribune.

Known as the “Bobblehead Dad,” Higley is a former corporate guy who chucked-it-all after a cancer diagnosis so he could be a better dad. A passionate cancer warrior and spokesperson, Higley recently won the title of “World’s Greatest Dad” in a national contest sponsored by Man of the House magazine. Higley’s stories on fatherhood—including his own transition from the boardroom to the carpool—reveal the best and worst of parenting, but all wrapped in a life lesson.

“Am I really the World’s Greatest Dad? I think my kids would be the first to answer that with a resounding ‘No!’ But what I’ve learned is to become available to my kids 24/7 – physically and emotionally,” Higley said. “Cancer has a funny way of helping you get your priorities straight. Add a few kids to the mix and suddenly daily life offers some pretty amazing experiences and lessons.”

A sampling of some favorite lessons from the “World’s Great Dad”:

  1. When you can’t be brilliant with words, be brilliant with your arms.
  2. Celebrate something every day.
  3. The best gifts find you. Let it happen.

He not only urges parents to take an inventory of priorities, but to look at possibly scrapping them altogether and rebuilding from the ground up.

Higley’s debut book, Bobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forgot I Knew, is an inspirational account of his extraordinary journey through cancer, fatherhood and several forgotten life lessons.

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