A new film premiering next week starring Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen aims to stir up new feelings in people over 60.

The four lifelong friends have gathered for years in a monthly book club, but breaking out of the norm, Jane Fonda’s character introduces them to “Fifty Shades of Gray,” which stirs up feelings about what they actually want during their ‘Golden Years.’

The book club begins to change their attitudes, and the new outlook corresponds to new men who’ve arrived on the scene. Andy Garcia,  Don Johnson, Richard Dreyfuss and Craig Nelson star as the four men who are attracted toward the women in this newly blossoming stage of their life.

Andy Garcia, in particular, wanted to do the movie, called The Book Club, because he always felt a “certain chemistry” with Diane Keaton, who plays his love interest—and it certainly shines through in the clips below.

The movie trailer looks smart and funny, reflecting the talents of a new director, Bill Holderman, who also co-wrote the screenplay.

The 2:30 clip reveals much of the storyline, but also leaves us wanting more from these stellar actors.

(WATCH the trailer below—and let us know what you think)

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