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Kids learn pretty quickly that paper used for books comes from trees.

One children’s book lets kids literally recycle their storybook directly in the ground, where it will once again grow into a tree.

A pair of publishers in Argentina collaborated on Mi Papa Estuvo en la Selva (My Dad Was in the Jungle), a book made with acid-free paper, eco-friendly ink, and jacaranda seeds stitched into the cover.

After a child has had their fill of reading the book, they can plant it in the soil and watch it sprout.Dominic Bergfield in wheelchair writes novel as quadriplegic

With Teacher Who Believed in Him, Quadriplegic Teen Publishes Book


Bookstore displays across the country are actually designed to display the book as it germinates, with roots running down into a terrarium-style case.

The story was originally published in 2008, but the new Earth-friendly design, made for kids ages 8-12, is meant to show that “trees and children can grow together.”

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