Dominic Bergfield in wheelchair writes novel as quadriplegic

Macon High School senior Dominic Bergfield is like any other student, except that he is paralyzed from the neck down. He has always dreamed of being a writer and, thanks to a caring teacher who got him the technology he needed, that dream has been fulfilled.

With lots of persistence, William King, a business instructor at Macon Area Career Center, acquired the technology that enabled Dominic to write his novel.

It works with a small sensor placed on Bergfield’s nose. As he moves his head an infrared camera tracks and simulates his movement inside the computer, just like a mouse.

KTVO reports that Bergfield finished writing his first book, Earth, in a matter of months, and because of all his hard work and dedication, Mr. King decided to surprise Bergfield by getting it published.

“This paralyzed young man is tugging at all our hearts here with what he is accomplishing,” Donna Epperly, King’s wife, told the Good News Network.

Dominic believes his achievement can inspire others.

“I’m living proof that there’s no limitations. I’m a quadriplegic and I’m a published author, before I even graduate high school. So if I can do it, there’s not a single thing that you cannot do,” he told KTVO.

You can buy the book, Earth, about the trials of a young homeless man, at

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from KTVO)

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