A 12-year-old from Yukon, Oklahoma, who was stuck at home ill before Christmas decided to write letters to the owners of all 32 NFL teams, asking them which team he should pledge to support. Cade had no team allegiances, until he got a hand-written note back from one of them.

His mom was shocked and delighted when a package came in the mail from the owner of the Carolina Panthers, who has undoubtedly made a fan for life.

The team’s owner, Jerry Richardson wrote, “We would be honored if our Carolina Panthers became your team. We would make you proud by the classy way we would represent you.”

He also sent an autographed helmet, but it was the note that most impressed the young sixth grade athlete, who is now a new Panthers fan.

(WATCH the video below, or READ the story from ABC)

Photo credits: Heather Pope

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