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A new brewery in Columbus, Ohio turned an act of vandalism into something positive for their community.

The Land Grant Brewery, which just opened 45 days ago, features a rustic storefront facade made of wood from a 19th Century barn on which they hand-painted their white logo. When the owner arrived Sunday morning, he found splotches of red, yellow, green and black paint splattered across the rough-hewn wall.

The co-owners have already helped the community by choosing to renovate and move into an old brick warehouse located in a run-down area that the city hopes to revitalize.

Adam, Walt and Jamie decided to turn the ‘bad news’ graffiti into a positive. They used the image of their defaced building and designed a t-shirt to sell, with 100% of the proceeds going to two nonprofits community groups.splatter-shirt-design

“For every lazy vandal in town there’s countless more folks working to benefit our awesome neighborhood of Franklinton, and Columbus as a whole, and we wanted to take this careless act and use it to shine a light on some of the folks working towards a positive end,” said the owners on their website.

Orders for the Vandalism Splatter Shirts will benefit The Gladden Community House and the Harmony Project.

No word on whether their storefront will be repainted.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story at Fox-28)

Story tip from Karen Hudmon

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