When Gail Rennetty was a baby, she cried every time her mother touched her. She had so many broken bones by the time she was 2 months old, police were convinced her mother was a child abuser. Her doctor knew it was a rare disease and predicted she would die before she reached 30, and never amount to anything. Now, 53 years old, Rennetty has defied the odds, with university honors, and is still getting the most out of life. An amazing and inspiring story of overcoming hardship by remaining feisty… (San Jose Mercury News – video and text)


  1. Wow, what an inspiring story. It’s not impossible to think that some of the nice richer people in San Jose will donate some money to help her. But she has already transcended her situation and made her life a victory. A life worth living even more so than many who apparently had more. Makes us think that whatever the situation there is hope and we can do more than we think.

  2. Great news!!

    The thing that struck my heart the most reading the first story was, Wow, we should just give her the cable tv money so she can watch Animal Planet again (My son’s favorite channel also)…

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