Broom army photo by Andrew BaylesFollowing the riots in London, crowds of people turned out Wednesday to help clean up the glass and ashes left on the streets of cities across the country.

Andrew Bayles joined the volunteer army in Clapham Junction. “The riots were shocking and I was really rocked to the core by what was going on.”

Since then, his photograph of brooms raised in the air has become an internet sensation via Twitter, and used by journalists around the world to underscore the decent citizens, which have come out in full force to outnumber the troublemakers.

“The ‘Broom Army’ tag and my photo is something that I think is very special,” Andrew told the BBC. “It is a movement of solidarity to stand up for everything that is good about this country. I am very proud to have been there to help in the clean up and very proud that the image is being used countrywide to inspire further support in the clean-up effort.”

READ the full story about how the photo came to be in the BBC.

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