A New York City cab driver from Bangladesh spent hours laboring to track down a rider so he could return a bag of diamond rings that she’d left in his trunk. The jeweler had given Osman Chowdhury only a 30 cent tip on an eleven dollar fare… (CBS)


  1. That cabbie is not alone in being honest….
    While the object of my story is not as dramatic as a bag of diamond rings, last week we had left a cell phone in an NYC taxi. The cell phone had a phonebook with many entries in it which would have taken a long time to reconstruct. That same day the Cabbie called us, and arranged to deliver the phone to us. This week, we arranged to have a gift sent to him.

  2. Great story of another NYC Cabbie
    Thanks so much, Ven. That is encouraging that he had understanding of how much this would mean to you. It wasn’t just a phone, it was a connection to your life — and he delivered it, too!

    One of the first stories I ever covered, in 1997 was one in which another immigrant cabbie in nyc, returned a bag full of cash to someone who’d left it in the car.

    They have Cabbie of the Year awards up there. I guess being in that line of business, you have many interactions with people that can be very inspiring.

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