Recycling GreenMouse-OfficeElectronic waste recycling has quickly become a matter of urgency, as people become aware of the dangers of e-waste. They have begun to demand protections from the inevitable harm of the toxic chemicals leaching into landfills. Companies now are feeling the pressure to have a plan in place for recycling their products. This is why GreenMouse Recycling and its CEO Evelyn O’Donnell work to support both the environment and the Silicon Valley businesses that need to thrive in it.

However, recycling, in the beginning, was simply a way for GreenMouse to generate the revenue to follow Evelyn’s true passion: providing gainful employment for developmentally challenged adults in the San Jose area, like her daughter.

As the small e-waste company expanded, Evelyn was able to provide more jobs to people who have been labeled as “unhirable”, as well as to build an internship program for at risk youth, and raise funds for nonprofit organizations and schools.

“Every day I think about how proud I am of my mother for starting this company for me,” Briana O’Donnell told the Good News Network. “It gives me even more pride to know that it has grown into something that truly makes people’s dreams come true.”

One example of that success is Isaiah, who spent time behind prison bars. When Isaiah first came to GreenMouse, he was up front and honest about his past. He also emphasized that he had learned from his mistakes and was dedicated to moving forward and supporting his wife and infant child who was battling a heart abnormality. Evelyn sensed his drive to succeed and brought Isaiah on board. Since that landmark day over two years ago, Isaiah has proven his dedication to excellence, and risen through the ranks to become manager of the entire 30,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse.

Guiding Isaiah toward success inspired Evelyn to partner with several organizations that work with at risk youth. She reached out to Rebekah’s Children Services and the City of San Jose’s Work2Future program with the dream of starting an internship program in which young people who have had to overcome struggles like poverty and abuse can learn skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

businesswoman GreenMouse-RecyclingThrough working with these organizations since 2011, GreenMouse has employed and trained several interns in real world job skills like social media marketing, computer refurbishing, and data management.  Providing an opportunity for these teens to learn on-the-job skills has instilled in them a hope for the future that many of the peers have not attained.

“From their employees to their interns, and from customers to non profits, GreenMouse is paving a new path for corporate-social responsibility,” boasted Briana. “Not everyone can say that they are not only excited but proud of what they do and I count my blessings that I get to wake up and say it every day.”

“One of our greatest joys here at GreenMouse is raising money for nonprofit organizations,” says Carlo Epps, of Greenmouse.

They have raised over a quarter of a million dollars for schools, churches, and nonprofits such as the YMCA and Alzheimer’s Association.e-waste warehouse-GreenMouseRecycling

“All anyone has to do is ask and we will work with them to make sure their event is a success and that amble funding is procured,” Epps said. “The motto at GreenMouse is ‘we never say no to anyone who needs our help,’ and they are words we live by.”

True to the environmental mission of the company, every item that comes in is safely processed locally in California. GreenMouse Guarantees that none of its e-waste will wind up in landfills either in the US or abroad. Its headquarters are at 529 Race Street, San Jose, CA.  Its Southern California office is located at 2600 West Olive, in Burbank and serves Southern California.

(Watch a video about the issue of e-waste below)


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