kayak-sunset.jpgRain and snowfall over the past few days has made a significant dent in the water deficit around the Bay Area and California; even though it is only about a quarter of the way through the rainfall season.  In the San Francisco Bay Area, rainfall-to-date ranges from about 72% of normal in Santa Rosa to 91% in San Francisco, 119% in San Jose and 124% in Oakland.

Snowfall from the past week is still be tabulated, but precipitation totals for both the Sacramento River and San Joaquin River drainages has nearly doubled since the first of December.  This good news for both water officials and ski resorts heading into the holidays.

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Photo courtesy of Sun Star


  1. This is encouraging, and along the North Shore of Lake Huron, we are watching optimistically: low water levels over the last few years have been of great concern. This past summer saw a rise and though this is so far anecdotal, it is reason for hope. If anyone can find some actual data for the great lakes, summer 2009, especially Huron, it would be of interest for sure…

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