cgy-salamander.jpg“Four miniature tunnels have been built south of Calgary to save hundreds of migrating salamanders from being squashed to death by traffic. The special underpasses opened this week —  a first for Canada’s national parks — to help long-toed salamanders cross a busy roadway as they migrate to and from Linnet Lake.” (Full story on CBC News )


  1. I applaud this initiative but these things should be built into the resource consents when roading and pathways are considered. Surely, it being a National park, a full enviromental survey can preceed any new works and prevent issues like this. Numbers dropped from thousands to 400 in their 2001 survey.. thats drop would destabilise an ecosysystem when the animal is a top predator (which, by role, means the least numerous) and there may be ongoing deleterious effects or shifts meaning numbers dont recover. BUT I hope they do and Im pleased that the tunnels got funding and are being built.

  2. I think its always good to see nature being paid attention to as something valid, necessary and essential for all life, rather something that is separate from humanity. There were some very negative comments at the CBC site along with some positive ones. I’m always amazed at how many people still don’t understand that unless we take care of the smallest, the largest will not survive in the long run.

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