canon-rebel-xs-camera.jpgAfter reading about a woman who motivates commuters via chalkboard messages, a Good News Network subscriber, Eleanor Melograna, wanted to step in to help. She felt compassion for the woman, Penny Proudfoot, who said she had recently ruined her camera, and with it, her creative outlet for expression.

As a result, Eleanor thought to herself, “I’ve got a Canon Rebel camera that I was going to sell on e-Bay, but I’d love for her to have it, if she wants it.”  It wouldn’t replace the one given to her by her father, but it might give her the chance to reignite her passion.

So, she tracked down Penny Proudfoot’s phone number on the internet, and called her. Penny broke into tears when she heard the stranger say she wanted to give her the camera.

“She couldn’t believe it,” Eleanor wrote in an email to GNN. “I packed it up and mailed it, and am so happy it went to a good home.”

Penny called to say she had received it and was so appreciative. The emotions experienced by both women were “worth so much more than any money” the generous donor could have made by selling the camera on e-Bay.

“Thank you for connecting us and making this good-feeling opportunity happen for both of us,” Eleanor concluded. “It’s so worth the subscription I pay each month for the Good News Network.”

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