A Dutch cargo company ship went hundreds of miles out of its way to pick up a desperately sick child on St Helena, one of the most remote islands in the world.

In an area sparse with vessels, the captain of an MV Traveller ship was the only one to respond to the call for help.

Distress calls from land are rare for mariners, but Saint Helena has no functioning airport, though one is under construction. Her parents, a doctor and a nurse were taken on board, the four adults having to sleep in the lunchroom, while the girl was in the sick bay.

Bystanders Rush into River to Flip SUV and Rescue Teens


The ship’s Dutch owners, BigLift, waived the substantial fuel costs of doubling back 180 miles to the island, and then carrying the girl the 700 miles to Ascension Island.

“Assistance was requested and without hesitation, MV Traveller responded.,” said BigLift, in a statement. “We were pleased to assist and hope the girl will receive proper treatment and fully recover in time.”

(READ the story from St. Helena Online)

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