carvin-cartoon.jpg“Growing up I was very fortunate to live with a family and in a community that gave me the opportunity to have a healthy life style. There are so many kids who don’t have the same chances I had,” said film and television actor Cuyle Carvin.

Now the star has found a creative vehicle for being a healthy role model: He became a cartoon character in a free coloring book for kids.

He teamed up with illustrator David Hudon and writer Fred M. Grandinetti, both from Massachusetts, to produce the “Cuyle Carvin Coloring Book.”

The publication is being distributed free to various children’s groups and churches. Request a copy by contacting the actor via his web site at

“I believe kids should learn early how to be active and stay healthy so when they are adults, a healthy lifestyle is second nature, said Carvin. “It’s a fun way to present important information.”

Carvin’s film and television work include Jacksonville, Person of Interest, The Snow Princess, All My Children and Law & Order: SUV.

Watch Carvin’s public service announcement promoting a healthy lifestyle, on YouTube.


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