gingers_hat.jpg“Cat owners have a lower risk of a fatal heart attack than feline-spurning counterparts, a study suggests. Cat ownership was related to a 40% lower risk of suffering a fatal heart attack.” (BBC Mews has the story) … Little joke there!


  1. I’m new here. Google’d “Good News” to try to avoid visiting “Dreamin Demon” and found this site.

    Admittedly, the Dreamin Demon Page is NEGATIVE, BAD BAD NEWS, but it’s like a car crash; I just can’t look away.

    Came here for the first time yesterday and found that good news just isn’t as interesting as bad news. HOWEVER, this article made me super happy. I LOOOOVE my kitties!!

    Hopefully I’m on my way to becoming more addicted to GOOD GOOD news.

    Thanks for this one.

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