photo by Scott Liddell, via MorguefilePans sizzling, steam rising and the tantalizing smells of foreign delicacies will delight the public during food demonstrations and gala dinners provided by 250 chefs from 44 countries, in Cape Town this week for a 10-day culinary tour to aid hungry children.

700 local chefs also plan to participate in the World Chefs Tour Against Hunger, sponsored by the largest foodservice business outside North America, Bidvest.

The cuisine-based fundraising activities throughout the country August 21-30, will generate money for the Akani Diepsloot Foundation, African Children’s Feeding Scheme and Meals on Wheels Community Services, all of which do extraordinary work in their communities.

The goal is to raise 5 million rand ($688,000), which will feed 300 children every day for the next five years.

2 ways that food lovers around the world can support the cause:

· Download the hit song from the last World Chefs Tour Against Hunger, Sing Children Sing, re-recorded this year by PJ Powers. Simply text the word ‘child’ to 31755 (costs 10 rand= $1.37)

· Purchase the commemorative Bidvest World Chefs Tour Against Hunger painting by renowned chef caricaturist Frans Groenewald.

(READ the story in The Good News South Africa)

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