golden-star-decorationWith so many things to do in the holiday season, it is difficult to stay in the moment, to take time to really BE with the people around you, rather than thinking ahead or comparing it to the past. This moment is called the “present” for a reason – Give it to yourself today…

Many Christmases ago I began a metaphysical study of the bible. Meta means beyond; I looked beyond the physical or literal interperatation of the stories found there. What I found was a marvelous map, which, when studied can show us the ways that we all evolve in consciousness (what we believe, think and feel). The bible, from front to back, illustrates the movement of your individual consciousness from one that is steeped in fear and judgement to one based in love and compassion.

The Christmas story represents the manifesting into our daily lives of that consciousness of love. The birth of a realization.

In the story, there is no room at the inn for Mary and Joseph….

We all wish our own journeys could be spent in comfort, having things always running smoothly, never being disappointed. But a wise writer once said: Desire not the inn, but rejoice in the road! Because it is always through the difficulties that we find within ourselves what is most important.

The Christmas carol speaks to us, “In thy dark street shineth the everlasting light. The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.”

Each Christmas I remember the period in my life that I finally reached the stable, that quiet place of revelation where I came to realize (and in my consciousness gave birth to) my own Divine Spirit.

The road to that stable may look rough. But just remember that a spirit of love and compassion can always be found. Just bring your attention right here to the present and you will find a treasure. In your heart, the child of love is born anew whenever you care to believe in, and think about, and feel, the peace and joy that is your Divine heritage.

Treasure the Moments,

Written by Geri, Founder, the Good News Network

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