Here arrow balloon-YouTubeSouth Korean petroleum company, S-Oil wanted to show that it valued resource conservation in the nation’s capital, Seoul, where gasoline consumption is the highest in the world. With more cars on the roads, parking spaces were more and more scarce, and Seoul drivers wasted expensive fuel wandering around looking for parking spaces.

The Idea: What if we could let drivers know when a parking space was opening up? S-Oil engineers designed a system whereby helium balloons could rise and fall whenever a car pulls in and out of a space. Bright yellow balloons rise whenever a car pulls out of the space, and falls again when a car arrives. Drivers can spot the arrow-shaped balloons and fill empty spaces faster.

Faster parking saves time and oil, which makes happier drivers and a healthier planet.

The campaign certainly helped drivers to save oil. In just one day, 700 cars saved 23 liters of petrol. — a liter of gas saved per month per driver. Over a whole year, they saved much more.

(WATCH the video below)

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