food-aid-distribution-haiti.jpgThe good news from within the devestation in Haiti this week begins at the airport, where a U.S. Air Force ground control team worked around the clock to restore electric power and the control tower in Port-au-Prince to allow relief supplies, military troops and aid workers to begin pouring into the country from around the world.

The U.S. Southern Command is operating the airport, running it around the clock to maximize the ability to get planes in, to unload them and to move them forward. Heavy-lift military cargo jets from the United States and planes from other nations as diverse as Iceland and China have unloaded relief supplies while military ground crews maneuvered forklifts piled high with pallets of goods — generators, vehicles, fuel, communications equipment, food, water, medical equipment and supplies, and shelters.

The Navy’s USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group arrived yesterday bringing 19 helicopters, critical in ferrying relief supplies to areas that cannot be reached over damaged roads. It also brought considerable medical capabilities.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is sending 14,550 tons of food aid in multiple shipments, including 7,000 tons of rice, 4,550 tons of corn-soy blend and 3,000 tons of vegetable oil. The food aid, which is designed to feed 1.2 million people for two weeks, will be distributed by the U.N. World Food Programme and through private voluntary organizations.

“Food aid will be critical in the coming weeks,” USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah said. “By acting quickly now, we can help those most affected by this disaster in their time of need.”
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The Cluster Approach Makes its Debut in Disaster Relief

The Haitian earthquake is the first major test of a new UN logistical system implemented after the Asian Tsunami four years ago — an effort to coordinate relief operations between aid organizations.

And, while we see a wave of compassion around the world, with private donations pouring in, the coordination of international aid groups is just as inspiring.

Watch this British report via MSNBC that details the incredible effort in all areas of need…


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