home-builder-hero.jpgAlexander Reyes’ boyhood dream of a military career ended when he was hit by an improvised explosive device during a patrol two years ago in Baghdad.

“Laying in that hospital bed … sometimes I felt I’d rather [have] died,” Reyes said. “My life came to a complete halt.”

He and a handful of other injured veterans are getting help from a custom home builder in Houston, Texas, who recently presented Reyes and his wife with an unexpected gift: a home built especially for them, mortgage-free.

“Thank you. That’s all I can say,” Elizabeth Reyes said, sobbing and clutching her stunned husband’s arm as Wallrath surprised them with the house.

WATCH the video below, or at the CNN Heroes WebsiteThanks to C. Davenport for sending the link!


  1. God bless Alexander and all veterans, including my amazing grandpa- please pray for all of them that they are happy and healthy!:-) Alexander, God bless you and we are so glad you are alive and well!:-) God bless everyone involved in this project and you for this wonderful website that helps so many people, Geri!:-)

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