purple-bracelets-complaint-free.jpgIn the darkest hour of her life, real estate agent Arnie Renda made the soul-saving decision to stop complaining.

“My mother died, my husband died, the market was crashing,” Renda says of 2008, “and I was like Teflon. I let it roll off me.”

She’d read a little book, A Complaint Free World, written by a Missouri pastor whose sermon about the negativity of complaining became a worldwide phenomenon.

Pastor Will Bowen urged people to keep track of how much they complain by moving a little purple wristband from arm to arm each time they groused.

“Life is better without complaining in spite of everything that has happened to me,” says Renda. “I feel so good.” (Continue reading in Toronto Star)

Almost six million purple bracets have been distributed globally via the Complaint Free World website, where you can get 3 bracelets sent to you for free — more, if you represent a school, church, prison, drug rehab group or other organization that is taking the lesson of positivity to their wider audience.

(Thanks to Diana Jenner for earlier submitting this idea as a possible story)

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