Convicted of drinking and driving, she was hoping to go to an alcohol treatment center during her time in prison, but California “needed bodies” for fighting fires. She decided to sign-up for training at “Fire Camp” and now her transformation is taking place in the blazing heat where she also battles her personal demons.

Her life-changing course of action is part of Netflix’s new documentary series called Fire Chasers

Her work is part of a program offered by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in Corona which allows non-violent offenders to volunteer, while serving their sentence.

“These women in orange are side by side with firefighters across the state,” said one of the trainers. “You are here to save lives; you are here to save property; but most of all you are here to change who you are.”

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With a strong focus on the lessons learned and her drive to change the course of her life, the video offers a glimpse into the new firefighters’ sense of duty and pride for what she is doing, and how she’s fighting to become the best version of herself.

Even the most negative of events can lead a person’s life in a positive direction.

(WATCH the video below from Goalcast)

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