council-for-unity.jpg “DaJuan Hawkins spent four months in jail for assault and thought he was destined for a life of street crime.  Today, the high school senior is heading for college and writing poetry… What transformed Mr. Hawkins into confident, productive, and compassionate human beings, they say, is the Council for Unity.”

“Founded as a small antigang group in 1975, the council now claims to reach 100,000 people of all cultures in multiple US cities and even in Africa.”

By implementing school-based and after-school programs in leadership development, mentoring, career, college guidance and gang prevention, the Council successfully promotes inter-group relations and reduces violence in schools and communities. An incredible rate of 94% of all participants graduate from high school and 96% of those attend college. For more info, see the inspiring story in The Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo News or visit ther website at
Thanks to Mary in the Bahamas for submitting the link!

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