Believe it or not, 38 weddings can be cheaper than one.

Acrobat couple Rhiann Woodyard and Cheetah Platt are on a marital mission to tie the knot in 12 different countries over the course of 83 days. With 21 ceremonies under their belt already, the cost of this international nuptial tour has been less than $10,000.

All the wedding venues are available at no cost, although their family and friends have done back-flips in order to help fund the lodging and travel for each expedition.

Photos by Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard

“We only had to pay for our flights, lodging, and transportation. We used our credit card airline miles, and our friends and family have helped us tremendously,” Woodyard told Metro U.S. “We asked that if they were planning on giving a gift, that they use our alternative gift registry on”

She continued, “They could contribute to our adventure by buying us a night at one of our accommodations in Morocco, or a safari in Kenya”

Photos by Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard

The couple in their 30’s have already visited Spain, Ireland, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, India, and Thailand, and are posting their photos on various social media, like Facebook.

Oddly, they’re still planning on having a honeymoon after the weddings…and yes, she wears the same dress every time.

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