Step aside, Romeo and Juliet – there is a new power couple in town.

Cleveland “Murphy” Wilson and Lucinda Myers are getting married in ten days, and the internet has been melting over their engagement photoshoot.

The story of how they met is even more endearing.

70-year-old Murphy and 60-year-old Lucinda were both churchgoers who were waiting for the right person to show up in their lives. Murphy had been happily married to a woman named Antoinette Snodgrass for 41 years, until she passed away in 2013. Devastated, he stopped attending church for several months.

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Lucinda, who divorced 30 year ago, has always prayed for a man who she could call her own. She moved to Huntsville, Alabama from Boston in 2013 to continue her work as a florist and a baker – and she started attending church around the same time that Murphy came back from his grieving spell.

While the two of them both attended the First Seventh-day Adventist Church for several years, they didn’t have that many conversations. Since Lucinda sang in the choir, and Murphy was the director, she sometimes chatted with him about playing certain songs – but they never spoke much beyond that.

“There were a few more times our paths crossed, but the most important time was when we were in the balcony and out of the blue, during the greeting portion of the service, he said to me, ‘You look very nice today.’ Well, I was so surprised I actually made him repeat it,” says Lucinda. “I thanked him, and I was very happy that he noticed.”

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The story doesn’t stop there, however; after complimenting her appearance, Murphy had to leave the city for a few weeks – and Lucinda noticed his absence.

“When he finally came back to church, and it came time for us to greet each other during the service, I asked him, ‘Where have you been with that pretty smile?’ and I gave him a big hug. He tells me, now, that when he held me around my waist, it was history after that. When he returned to his seat, he told his sister, ‘I think that woman over there likes me.’ He was absolutely right!”

Murphy says that while he was surprised by the comment, it drew his attention to Lucinda in a way that he never had before.

“She was absolutely gorgeous and sweet,” says Murphy. “With the help of my sister, Charlotte, and Lucinda’s best friend, Nancy, Lucinda ended up at my home for a big Sabbath dinner. She held my attention the entire day. I had to admit there were several moments I forgot other people were there.”

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“She was everything I had been praying for. I took her home that evening, and as I returned to my house I thanked God continuously for answering my prayers.”

Lucinda and Murphy are set to get married on July 29th. Since their engagement photos were published by Gianna Snell Photography, thousands of social media users have gushed praise over their simple message: it’s never too late to fall in love.

Snell says that it took the dream couple a little bit of time to understand the impact of their photos.

“When told that their picture went viral, the pair responded, ‘Viral…what does that mean?’” writes Snell. “Although they are not very active on social media, they are genuinely humbled that others are encouraged by their love story and they want to continue to share it because they truly believe it was God who chose them for each other. ”

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