A big corporation in Lakewood, Ohio, instead of giving money to local charity as they usually do, decided to conduct a day-long spree of kindness surprising citizens wherever they found them with free pizzas, gift cards for gas and dinners at restaurants. The goal was to brighten peoples’ day but it also created the image of Cox as a caring company.


  1. Its great to see people doing nice things for people, face-to-face, instead of impersonally by simply handing a check from one organization to another. This event was as good for the givers as for the receivers.

  2. I’d like to put in a good word for corporations whose giving is done the old way too. It may not be as showy or make them look as good, but established aid organizations like food pantries can often make more efficient use of donated funds (and so feed 5 people for every 1 person a direct gift would feed). Also, corporate donations to organizations like those that offer emergency services to victims of domestic violence are often what keep those services available. Any flavor of generosity is good news!

  3. I agree with all comments above. It pays to vary how you give, as it is more enjoyable. And if you have not given for a while – any giving is a great boost. We can all do it, even small amounts help out a lot. Giving is win/win – where both benefit. Eric Fromm used to say giving was if anything better for the giver.

  4. Great idea. I would have liked it if they had taken it a step further though, like in the movie Pay it Foreword. Someone does something nice for you and you in turn do something nice for someone else and it keeps going foreword with every new person doing something nice for another person. The world would be a better place with more people paying it foreword!
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