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United Kingdom conservationists are jumping for joy over the births of two critically endangered newborn black rhinos.

The mothers of the calves, Grumeti and Zawadi, were both bred in captivity at the Aspinall Foundation’s Port Lympne wildlife park. In 2012, they were moved from the center in Kent, England, to Mount Kilimanjoro in Tanzania where they mated with another offspring of the park named Jamie.

Grumeti’s baby has been fondly dubbed Mobo while Zawadi’s child is awaiting its own proper name.

Damian Aspinall, chairman of The Aspinall Foundation said: “Mobo’s birth illustrates perfectly our passionate belief in the true role of modern conservation as being committed to the survival of threatened species in their natural territories. We believe this is preferable, wherever possible, to  simply keeping them caged in an existence which does little for prospects of long term survival.”

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Altogether, The Aspinall Foundation has successfully released eight black rhino back into the wild, as well as more than 60 gorillas and scores of other smaller primates including lemurs, langur and gibbons. Further releases are planned as part of The Aspinall Foundations vision to re-stock the wild with endangered species.

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