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It’s a girl!

A 14-year-old member of one of the rarest mammal species on the planet gave birth to a female calf at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in their Indonesian National Park home on May 12.

The baby Sumatran rhino weighed 45 pounds and started her life healthy and active. The International Rhino Foundation shared a video of the birth on Facebook and YouTube.

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Currently, there are fewer than 100 of the critically endangered Sumatran rhinos still alive. But hopes are high for a further uptick in the population because in November a male Sumatran –the last one in the western hemisphere– was transported to Indonesia to help save his species.

The 8-year-old hero, named Harapan (“Hope” in Indonesian), left Ohio and traveled nearly 10,000 miles to this same sanctuary at Way Kambas National Park. Harapan was born at the Cincinnati Zoo in a captive breeding program that has provided some of important breakthroughs for rhino reproduction in captivity.

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(WATCH the video of the wobbly 2-day-old calf below, and follow her progress on Rhino Foundation’s Facebook page)

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