teens heart goes to friend WJLAAlthough a teen was killed in a hit-and-run crash, his heart is now giving his ailing friend a chance to live.

When Kyle Wilkerson heard the good news, that doctors had a heart for the Maryland teenager, he had a suspicion. The 15-year-old looked up at the cardiologist and asked, “Is it Skylar’s heart?”

Skylar Marion, a fellow ninth-grader and acquaintance of Kyle’s had died from injuries suffered days earlier when he was struck by an SUV while walking on a road.

Against unimaginable odds, the two boys were an exact organ match.

Skylar’s father was faced with removing life support for his unresponsive son. “I asked him if it was OK to give that boy his heart,” he told WJLA News. “I just felt a lift come off my shoulders, and I just felt, OK. It seemed like it was fine.”

(WATCH the video below READ the story from ABC News)

Thanks to Carole Sargent for submitting the link.

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