Is this the world’s first celebrity dachshund? Not sure, but Crusoe is definitely winning hearts with adorable outfits and a cool canine attitude.

The wiener dog has collected over 150,000 followers on Instagram by doing things as unique as donning a Canadian hockey jersey and slapping around a puck (watch the video above). He also surprised children on Easter by turning into a bunny rabbit canine hybrid, below.


"The #Easter bunny wiener has been spotted!" ~ Crusoe #cute #easter #bunny #easterbunny #dachshund #wabbit

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Crusoe sometimes shares the spotlight with a few of his dachshund friends… or dachshund girlfriends.



He even did an extremely convincing Heinz commercial of his own featuring his hot dog costume.



If you’d like to watch the rest of Crusoe’s cute superstar videos, check out the pup’s Instagram and Facebook.

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