ctt-electric-car.jpgSouth Korean electric car manufacturer CT&T announced plans to build an assembly plant in Hawaii that will eventually produce up to 10,000 vehicles a year and employ as many as 400 people.

The CT&T plant would make small urban two-seaters that reach speeds up to 40 mph with their batteries lasting 30 or 60 miles, depending on the model. Recharging will be easy at electric stations that are planned to begin popping up by the end of this year. (Read the AP story at Mother Nature News)

Hawaii is the ideal place for electric cars to flourish due to the high cost of imported gasoline.

In other electric car news, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and top executives of the country’s main carmakers and energy companies met in Berlin last week to launch a new initiative to develop electric vehicles. Merkel pledged to have one million electric vehicles on the road within the next decade, reports the AP. (Read that story at the Seattle Times)


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