The hero owner of Mini’s Cupcakes in Salt Lake City has been inundated with customers showing their gratitude after her quick-thinking rescue of a toddler from a stolen car.

Leslie Fiet received an Amber Alert on her phone last week reporting a missing child. Hours later, she saw parked outside her shop a black SUV with license plates matching the alert. Seeing 3-year-old Bella Martinez sitting in the backseat, but no one else in sight, she scooped up the girl and brought her into the shop to call police.

Over the next few days, Ms. Fiet was suddenly overwhelmed by a grateful community lining up to support her business. She really needed the support, too, having struggled since recent break-ins at the shop. She said she was overdue for some good karma and is thrilled to have received it.

ABC reports, “Bella’s family presented Fiet with a gift in appreciation: a gold necklace, with the date of Bella’s recovery (Feb. 4) inscribed.”

The little girl’s father left the child in the car with the engine running while he stepped inside a 7-11 store. The woman who stole the car is now in police custody.

(READ the story, w/ photos from ABC News)

Photo credit: Leslie Fiet / Story tip from Kelly Harrington

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